Prenatal Disability Assistance

As long as your baby is born in the hospital they are eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a need based program and normally financial screening occurs, which leaves the vast majority of babies ineligible. However, a huge exception is in place. If the baby is born in the hospital, the financial screening (called deeming) does not begin until the first of the month following the month the baby is released from the hospital.

This means literally every baby born in the hospital is eligible from a financial standpoint until the month after they are released from the hospital.

All that is necessary to obtain the finding of disabled is to file the application while they are still in the hospital and to establish disability. Prenatal Disability Help cannot file the claim for you, but we can get the case ready for you to file once your baby is born.  Although each case is unique, the principles of case development are the same regardless of the diagnosis. 

We help you gather medical records for your child and prepare a cover letter and the pertinent medical records as a packet to take with you to Social Security when it is time for your appointment to file the claim

Many disabling conditions are eligible for a finding of presumptive disability while the claim is being processed. 

That's what makes the information packet and cover letter important

We not only explain why your baby is disabled, but we also point out what presumptive disability rules apply to try and get a presumptive disability finding while the case is being processed.

The presumptive disability allows for Medicaid to begin which covers any hospital costs for your baby, and also opens the door to any state level assistance, such as Early Childhood Intervention, to be arranged by hospital social services before your baby goes home so that care is seamless.