Kenshin's Story

We knew Kenshin had Down Syndrome

based on a strong presumptive positive at the quad test. All was as well as could be expected until a routine ultrasound at 8 months showed a double bubble, a classic sign of atresia.  To make the situation worse, the obstetrician who had been with us since the beginning said that the atresia made the pregnancy high risk, and that she could no longer provide care. The hospital where we were scheduled for delivery also said that they could not handle the high risk pregnancy. Both dropped my wife and the baby as patients. To further exacerbate the sudden problems the referrals they made were to a facility that was out of network. If the situation was not overwhelming enough, all of this was taking place with Hurricane Harvey approaching.

The parents of the disabled baby already have enough stress to deal with…

in association with the diagnosis, especially considering the absolute dearth of legal assistance available until the baby is born.

Doctors with an agenda who don’t respect the woman’s choice are not acting in the best interest of their patient.  We are devoutly Catholic and would never consider abortion, and all the treating sources knew this so abortion was never mentioned to us. However, we obtained the medical records after birth and abortion was discussed in the records.

That is a chilling thought –

Abortion was brought up in the medical records, seemingly as a matter of course, after the diagnosis of Down syndrome was diagnosed. Although we never had to face pressure from the doctors to abort, that is not always the case. Ask members of the various Down Syndrome Associations in the state and they will readily be able to provide stories of members who were pressured by their doctors to have an abortion when the diagnosis made. Some of these cases will show that it wasn’t only a single suggestion, but rather an ongoing “suggestion” to abort over the protestation of the patient.

That’s where we can come in and help.

We know first hand the stress involved with a high risk pregnancy, and in our case in the midst of a crisis. 

Once the medical providers see that the mother has engaged the services of legal representatives to assist with the disability claim that sends an undeniable message that abortion is not an option.  This ends the stress of having to face that decision.  You have decided to keep your baby, and we are there to guide you through the process.  Having successfully obtained benefits for our own child we already have the formula for success in place.  It's just a matter of gathering the needed medical records so that the case is ready when your bundle of joy arrives. 

Brynleigh's Story

She was born with double outlet right ventricle with tetralogy of fallot, also a “Pig Bronchus” with trachea stenosis.

Her CV surgeon & airway specialist went to medical conferences with her case to study & get professional opinions of how to reconstruct her airway.

They had never seen an airway like hers with a branch opening to her RUL to her lung. 

She ended up having several surgeries in order to correct her health heart and lung issues. 

The hospital never told her mother that she may be eligible for the Medicaid Buy In for Children, and it was becomeing difficult to obtain her needed treatment because of insurance issues.

TMBIC was quickly approved, and this ended the difficulty she was having with insurance issues.